Oil, gas and chemical industries

We have manufactured pipes for the processing sector for many decades. This refers to pipes that are installed within the plant itself. These include desalination plants, gas cleaning plants or refineries.

In most cases, pipesmade of carbon are utilized, but alloyed, heat-resistant pipes which can be used at higher temperatures are also often used.

In recent years, we again offer more pipelines. They are used in the extraction and transmission of gas as collection or transmission lines. Particular attention will be given to CLAD pipes made of metallurgically clad sheet metal which we produce because of their high resistance to corrosion and wear.

CLAD pipes are not only used as pipelines, but they are also used as standpipes, shells, or gas cleaning systems

This form of CLAD pipe was developed in-house, early in the new millennium. Because of the huge demand on the world market in recent years, this product has been the most successful product developed in the history of EBK. Today we are one of the leading manufacturers in this market segment.

More on the intended use of such pipes is found here.