Pipe production

Networks that supply the world with liquid or gaseous fuels exist because of them. The discovery of new resources in remote parts of the world calls for new technical developments due to very different environmental conditions. But the fuels themselves in their original forms make new technologies necessary. Eisenbau Krämer (EBK) has set itself on this task for many years, and besides clean pipelines also produces pipes for further processing of the fuels. These are not only made of standard materials, but also from those materials suitable for special requirements. Employees in research and development at EBK therefore work closely with suppliers of sheet metal and welding filler metals, as well as with research institutes and our customers, in order to achieve the optimal solution together.

Quality with the latest machinery

EBK manufactures using the most modern machines, which are constantly being revised, improved and expanded. New technologies, as well as the expansion of existing capacity, are considered. Our own developments are in the planning of manufacturing systems with the goal of optimizing the entire production process. The focus will be in all areas of production, primarily in flexural capacity, welding equipment, annealing center with induction coil, as well as the possibilities for non-destructive tests, because new materials demand very high requirements in these areas.

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